• Enter waypoints by:
    • Right-clicking on the terrain feature
    • Giving it a name
  • Airports offer a choice of runway thresholds and approaches
  • Airways offer waypoint sequences
  • Fetches the latest FAA and global aviation data
  • Fetches the latest Weather and Winds
  • Draws forecast cloud layers in 3D.
  • Lets you What-If the cloud cover by shifting departure time
    • See the coverage change along forecast route
  • Garmin Support:
    • Load routes from Garmin GPS
    • Save Flight Plans directly to Garmin GPS


  • Follows your Flight Plan Route
  • Lights the terrain for flight planned date and time
  • Saves the satellite imagery and terrain data to disk
  • Allows you to Fly without being connected to the internet



  • Gets FAA data, automatically, every 28 days for the US, including Alaska
    • Airspace, Airports, Runways, Navaids, Waypoints, Airways, Obstacles
    • Obstacles
    • Instrument Approaches and Transitions
    • TFRs and NOTAMs
  • Global Data: Airports, Waypoints and Navaids, updated every 6 months
    • Canada (includes 3D airspace)
    • Caribbean (3D Airspace for Puerto Rico)
  • Weather
    • Cloud layers for forecast route
    • TAFs
    • Metars
    • SFC forecast
    • Winds Aloft



  • Selectable features



    • Controlled, Public, Private, Military


Runway Threshholds

  • Flight Plan to the actual threshold



  • Drawn to scale from FAA database, updated every 56 days.


3D Buildings

  • Drawn to scale


  • Controlled airspace drawn to scale in 3D
  • Class, Base and Ceiling altitudes labeled
  • USA and Canada


Way Points
  • Instrument and visual waypoints and intersections from FAA data updated every 28 days


Victor and Jet Airways

  • High- and Low-level Routes for USA and Canada
  • Touch to identify


  • Layers, coverage and extent extracted from TAF’s and surface forecasts for route of flight based upon ETD and arrival time at each waypoint
  • Alter proposed time of departure and watch cloud layers change
  • USA only






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