• Plan, Train, Fly, photo-realistically, in 3D.
  • Augmented graphically with FAA Data refreshed every 28 days
  • What you see is where you are...Perpetually VFR
  • SYMBOLIC FLIGHT 5 Advanced- $249
  • Advanced version does not require internet.
  • SYMBOLIC FLIGHT 5 Primary - $129
  • Primary version requires inernet and PreFly on ground before flight.




  • Choose your route by looking at where you want to go. See the terrain.  Look at the obstacles.  Plan to remain clear
  • Watch the forecast cloud layers change as you alter your time of departure
  • PreFly your route. Get familiar before burning a single gallon of gas






  • Plan in Symbolic Flight using the latest FAA approach data
  • Fly in FSX. See in Google Earth. No additional software required
  • How are you doing? Tell at a glance. What you see should match where you think you are





  • What you see is where you are. It’s that straightforward
  • Terrain? Obstacles? Controlled Airspace? Always visible at a glance
  • On Approach? If the picture matches your mental image, you’ve got it nailed
  • What’s on the other side of that hill? Pop up 10,000 feet and get a BirdsEye view
  • Supports Zaon XRX PCAS



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